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  1. Maxis Broadband is only available for Malaysian and foreigners of the age of 18 years old and above.

  2. An Activation fee of RM100 is applicable for each Plan subscription.

  3. The RM20 rebate is offered exclusively from Orange Mobile (M) Sdn Bhd and the offer are in no relation to Maxis.

  4. The Broadband Service is available in certain coverage areas. Before signing up, please call +603 7982 6722/+603 7982 8493 or check at www.maxis.com.my/broadband to determine if you are within the coverage area.

  5. Customer's actual browsing speed varies based on the customer's location and Device capability.

  6. To enable all our customers to enjoy quality browsing experience, Maxis will not assure constant connectivity if you use peer-to-peer or file sharing software.

  7. Every time you log on to the Broadband Service, a webpage appears to communicate the latest information and to link you to your account management portal.

  8. Total data volume for each Plan is specified during point of sales and as contained in the sales material. Once the customer's data volume finishes, the customer will be throttled to lower speed until the customer's next billing cycle. To continue enjoying the Broadband Service, the customer can opt for additional quota which can be purchased online via the my Account Portal through www.mylaunchpad.com.my.

  9. It is mandatory for a customer who purchases the Plan to register his or her CBR (Can Be Reach) mobile number.

  10. The Plan applies to local data usage only whereby the following services are excluded: Local and Internal Voice/SMS services and international data roaming. This is applicable for all Plans excluding Broadband Ultimate Pro & Broadband Ultimate Solid whereby Voice and SMS services are offered as an optional service. Call usage charges, SMS usage charges and additional services as subscribed by you shall be charged in addition to the Plan's applicable charges .

  11. Should you discontinue with the Broadband Services, the rebate (if applicable) will no longer be available or applicable to you in the event you wish to reactivate the Services later.

  12. Subject to Clause 13, you agree that there shall be no refund of any payments made by you, if you discontinue the Broadband Service at any point in time.

  13. Customers who subscribe for the Broadband Service with a commitment period and then opts to discontinue the Broadband Service within the commitment period will be charged a penalty fee of RM200.

  14. Should you discontinue your Broadband Service subscription, the Broadband Service rebate will cease at the point of termination.

  15. Non-Malaysians will be charged a deposit of RM300 for every Plan subscribed to.

  16. Bills are available in electronic format at MyAccount Portal (www.mylaunchpad.com.my) and a copy is sent to your nominated email address in PDF format. If you choose to receive a paper bill, a RM5 per statement charge will apply.

  17. Modems are provided under these Terms and Conditions on a "whilst stocks last" basis.

  18. The Maxis Modem with a 1 year warranty. Please visit your nearest Maxis Centre should you have any issues with the modem. The modem does not cover (a) normal wear and tear (including, without limitation, wear and tear of the modem cover, SIM holder, MicroSD slot, USB Connector), (b) damage, loss or defects caused by any act, omission, misuse, negligence including usage of the modem contrary to instructions provided by Maxis (e.g. as set out in the modem's user guide) and/or (c) other acts beyond the reasonable control of Maxis.

  19. The Device comes with a 1 year warranty. Please visit your Device supplier should you have any issues with the Device.

  20. Maxis shall take no responsibility or liability for any hardware, software, equipment or for the Device provided by Device supplier/manufacturer or by any third party or for any warranty for the same. You shall take up all such issues and grievances directly with the Device supplier and such third parties.

  21. Maxis Broadband Terms & Conditions for the provision of the Broadband Services as published on the website: www.maxis.com.my/broadband and which is attached herewith, shall also apply to the Plan as well. Customers of the Plan shall be bound to the said Maxis Broadband Terms and Conditions.

  22. The terms and conditions set out herein are supplemental to the terms and conditions contained on Maxis' webpage www.maxis.com.my/personal/general/tnc_main.asp and to the Our Customer Terms printed over leaf and on http://www.maxis.com.my/personal/general/tnc_maxisbroadband.asp.

  23. The Device will be provided subject to the Device Supplier's terms and conditions for the Device. Maxis shall not be privy to the contract between you and Device Supplier.


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